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Anonymous asked:
I love your human fnaf designs! They seem like such horrible people, mainly Freddy. So I was wondering how does the group interact with the little kids that go to Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria? Or do they just perform and hide back stage until they are summoned to perform again?


The gang LOVE kids! They where kids themselves at some point and me and Mary made it a key to have some childish quantities in each of our humanizations.
Freddy being the stingy kid who wanted everything and would throw a tantrum if he didn’t get it, besides possibly being spoiled rotten by his parents and as a result was massively obese. Bonnie was the scruffy, lethargic kid, possibly not really taken care of by his parents properly which caused him to have an affinity for bullying smaller kids and clung to other children for any means of affection. Foxy was probably the trash can baby who lived most of his life on the streets and dug through bins for food, but for most of his life he spent a lot of time on the streets and gave into a lot of sickness and infections which caused his bones to brittle and parts of his body to be lost to gangrene. Chica was easily somewhat the jolly little girl who wanted to be everyone’s friend and did her best to make everyone feel happy.

The gang still do their best to entertain the kids at the pizzeria and make it a goal that no matter how awful they’re feeling some days, their job is to keep their establishment a happy, family-friendly place and have kids leave with great memories. Just as long as the kids don’t make a fuss and follow the rules… And don’t get parents involved… The Fazbear gang really don’t like parents. They don’t like any adults.

kawaii-zombiie asked:
What do you think about the new Bonnie from the fnaf update? I think I dont really like him anymore :(

Gonna be honest, I don’t think that’s BonBon. They’re obviously just recycling new parts and putting them into new characters, but possibly some aspects from what they take from the endoskeletons/possessions manages to convert these seemingly “new” characters into murderous lunatics.

Me and Miz are still kinda working on a characteristic for the new kid, but so far we’ve not really got any designs jotted down.

How about that faceless Bonnie, though?

neurotoxinated asked:
Hi! I love your fnaf art (human & animatronic) and I was wondering as to what you think the relationship between Foxy and Freddy is. I personally think they're on quite a slippery slope. They might have hated each other less before the bight of '87 (though I think Foxy secretly had it out for him for awhile) and maybe after he bit, Foxy thought Freddy would be happy about it, but Freddy was angry instead (bc the bite eliminated their ability to walk around) and slashed Foxy's chest. Wbu?

Honestly I’ll admit I don’t think there is an ounce of /friendship/ between the two, let alone Freddy even acknowledging Foxy half of the time.

There’s just no respect from either of them, there never has been. Freddy only “likes” people when he wants something from them. Him also being bigger and powerful would maybe just use Foxy as a punching bag half the time or see him as an opportunity to abuse him, like, Foxy makes a small sound and Freddy would bite his throat out for “being disruptive” y’know?

And I’m kinda torn between either of them being the cause of the bite of ‘87 just because of the warnings about Freddy in-game and the weird hand prints on his face that could indicate someone had tried to push him away with force. But then there are the keys that Foxy is out of order, he’s broken, his jaw is bust ect.
So in retrospect I doubt there had ever been an ounce of buddy-buddy between them, just a thick layer of “who the hell are you”

Freddy Fazbear more like Billy No Mates.